About us

A good harvest starts with high quality seeds. Since 1921 Joordens Zaden provides seeds of excellent varieties fitting current farmers’ demands. We are specialized in cover crop and forage solutions. As part of the world leading RAGT group in France, Joordens is a stable and resourceful business partner. Our varieties are bred by our own research department and the network of research departments of the RAGT group covering 265 employees and 16 research stations. They focus on both extensive field testing at locations covering major climate zones as well as disease resistance testing under laboratory conditions. In 2006, Joordens Zaden took a participation in the newly founded company Seed Force in New Zealand with a subsidiary in Australia which is operating within the domestic seed markets of both New Zealand and Australia. Today, Joordens Zaden is an international player which has a wealth of knowledge and experience in breeding, production and marketing of soil health plants, forage brassicas and forage grasses. Our challenge is to provide arable and livestock farmers around the globe seed-based solutions to sustain  tomorrow’s yields.