Tall fescue

Tall fescue - Festuca arundinacea - Rietzwenkgras - Rohrschwingel - Fétuque élevée
Sowing rate
30-40 kg/ha
Till late summer
Sowing depth
1-2 cm
Row distance
As cereals

Tall fescue is a very productive grass species with an early spring development.
Sowing rate is 30 to 40 kg per hectare. The species is well adapted to drought and also to moisture. It tolerates temporary flooding because it is well adapted to wet, clayey soils. It tolerates both high and low temperatures resulting in a growing season.


The soft leaf of variety Aprilia has shown excellent palatability and persistence in trials. It has no endophyte and poses no risks to grazing livestock, including sheep, horses and alpacas. It produces high yields with very good digestibility. It is suitable to all livestock types, silage and hay and it has a good recovery after grazing.