Annual ryegrass

Annual (Westerwold) ryegrass - Lolium multiflorum - Westerwolds raaigras - Einjähriges Weidelgras - Ray-grass Westerwold
Sowing rate
40-45 kg as main crop, 20-25 kg as intercrop
Main crop in summer and autumn, as intercrop in March and April
Sowing depth
1-2 cm
Row distance
As cereals
Spring 80-100 kg N/ha. After every use or cut 60-80 kg N/ha , in iuse as cover crop 80 kg/ha
Adrenalin,t. Andrea, d. Aubade, t. Bigbang, t. Gipsyl, d. Magnum, t. Suxyl, d.

Annual or Westerwold ryegrass, is an annual grass, which is well-known for its quick establishment and early vigour. It can be sown from spring till the beginning of autumn. When it is sown early in spring it can give, under favourable climatically conditions, 5 to 6 cuts. However, in case of early sowing it has the tendency to set seed. The crop can be used as green manure or as forage crop.

Joordens has diploid and tetraploid varieties available. The tetraploid varieties have coarse leaves with a quite dark green colour and they form a very palatable crop. They give a high fresh yield with lower dry matter content than the diploid varieties and they have a somewhat open sod. The sowing rate for diploid varieties is 40 kg per hectare and for tetraploid varieties 45 kg per hectare.



Adrenalin is a tetraploid annual ryegrass developed from 3 components and selected for fast establishment, good early feed and improved stand ability for fodder conservation. It can be grazed or cut several times and will produce high yields of leafy foliage throughout the growing season. It has outstanding recovery from grazing or cutting.



Bigbang is a medium late tetraploid annual ryegrass.  Its quick establishment vigour makes it suitable to harvest a high quality yield. It has a high level disease resistance, which brings you more quality feed for your pasture investment.