Abyssinian mustard

Ethiopean mustard - Brassica carinata - Ethiopische mosterd - Abessinischer Senf - Moutarde Éthiopienne
Sowing rate
15 kg
Spring till early autumn
Sowing depth
1-2 cm
Row distance
Like cereals
60 kg N/ha
Cappucchino, Carbon, Cartoon and Utopia

The latest new cover crop in the family of brassicas is Abyssinian mustard. The new generation varieties are very suitable for biofumigation and game cover.

The variety Cappucchino is due to its high levels of glucosinolates (among them Sinigrin) extremely suitable for this use.  

Abyssinian mustard is not that much susceptible to frost but less as white mustard.

In our portfolio we have varieties available which flower after 60 or even after 90 days with preservation of a good early vigour.



Cappucchino is a late flowering mustard, which is very leafy but frost susceptible. A long tap root helps to improve soil structure. Cappucchino can produce high levels of biomass. Together with high levels of the glucosinolate sinigrin, Cappucchino has a very good biofumigation potential.

Cappucchino performs best in cooler climates.


Very late flowering. Ideal to mix with berseem clover to be used as N-fixating and N-trap crop.


Late flowering, fast early vigour, high biomass.