Rocket lettuce

Rocket lettuce - Eruca sativa - Raketsla - Őlrauke - Roquette
Sowing rate
10 kg/ha
Till end-summer
Sowing depth
1-2 cm
Row distance
Like cereals
Incorporation late autumn
Trio and Tiara

The latest crucifer cover crop in our portfolio is rocket lettuce. This crop flowers rather late with an average early vigour. If biomass production is obtained it should not be sown too late in the season.

Rocket lettuce is like oil seed radish a dual purpose in regards to diseases and pest control.

Our variety TRIO is suitable as a biological controller of cyst nematodes H. schachtii and betae, besides this it fights root knot nematodes M chitwoodi and incognita.

Due to high levels of glucosinolate it can also be used for biofumigation.

Combined with oil seed radish Trio fights the nematodes mentioned above and while growing, has an extra effect with biofumigation after chopping.