Disposing of both our own breeding facilities in Neer and the research done by the R.A.G.T. group, we offer a wide range of varieties to farmers around the world.
In total we have 16 breeding stations - with over 265 employees - and an aggregate budget of 35 million euros at our disposal.

The breeders from various countries are able to use the most sophisticated laboratories, well equipped greenhouses, and many hectares of trial fields. Assisted by the best equipment and applying the latest technology they work at the agriculture of the future.

On a continuous basis new varieties of different species are developed. Yield improvement, disease resistance, drought tolerance and digestibility are important parameters in the breeding of forage crops.

In the field of green manure crops parameters like disease resistance, nematode control, lateness of flowering and rate of surface covering are important.

Our innovations – ACROBAT (hybrid ryegrass), BRIGADIER (fodderbeet), APRILIA (tall fescue), GREENLY (orchardgrass), PASTORAL, ZENITAL and TORGAL (perennial ryegrass), and STEGO and GREENLAND (forage rape) – have caused satisfaction among users around the world. The “Joordens” varieties Westerwolds ryegrass AUBADE, ANDREA and MAGNUM are well-known in both, North and South America, Europe and Oceania.
Moreover in the field of biological nematode control by means of resistant green manure crops -  ACHILLES (white mustard), ADIOS, ANACONDA, DOUBLET, FINAL and TERRANOVA (fodder radish) TRIO (eruca sativa) and UTOPIA (brassica carinata)  - Joordens is global market leader!